Crocheted String Bag

Crocheted String Bag

Crocheted String Bag

Please note these instructions use UK terminology and sizes. US equivalents are given.


2 x 50g balls of 4 ply yarn, either cotton or acrylic

3.5 mm crochet hook (E/4 US)




dc (double crochet) = sc (single crochet) US

sl st (slip stitch)


Loosely chain 20 stitches to form the top edge of first side.

Row 1: Skip first chain then dc into each chain to the end [19 dc]. Turn.

Row 2: Chain 1, dc into next, and every following dc to the end [19 dc]. Turn.

Row 3: (Chain 6, dc into next dc), repeat into every dc to the end. [18 loops]. Turn.

Row 4: Chain 6, dc into first loop, (chain 6, dc into next loop), repeat to the end. [18 loops]. Turn.

Repeat 4th row until 40 rows of loops have been worked. Cut thread and fasten off by pulling through last loop on hook.

Make second side the same as the first.


Crocheted String Bag

To Join:

Attach thread with a sl st into the side loop of 8th row from the top of the first side.

Chain 3, dc into corresponding loop on second side. (Black is joining into blue in photo.)

Work (chain 3, dc into next loop) alternating between corresponding loops on each side. Work down one side of bag, along bottom, then up remaining side, finishing in side loop of 8th row from the top of second side.

Cut yarn and fasten off.



Crocheted String BagHandles:

Attach yarn in third stitch from one corner of upper edge of first side.

Chain 100 stitches, or number required to make handle the length you want it.

Sl st into third stitch from other corner of upper edge, making sure that length of chain does not turn.

Skip one stitch, sl st into corner stitch.

Row 1: dc into each chain stitch to end. Sl st into corner stitch. Turn.

Row 2: chain 1, dc into each dc to end.

Continue down side of opening, then up second side, working 3 dc in each side loop.

At upper edge of second side sl st to third stitch from corner.

Repeat handle on second side, then continue down second opening.

Join with sl st into base of first handle. Cut yarn and fasten off as before.

Finish off by sewing in loose ends.

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