The Minefield of Crochet Terminology

The Minefield of Crochet Terminology
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I have reposted a YouTube video I found of the very basics of starting to crochet – the chain stitch. After this we run into one of the most confusing area in crochet. The English and the Americans both have systems for naming the stitches used in crochet. The good news is that they use the same words, but the bad news is that they use them to refer to different stitches.

I learned to crochet using the English system and, for a long time, was unaware that the American system existed. I was looking at a pattern one day. As I read through it I was trying to match up the instructions with the picture accompanying them. It became obvious fairly early on that something didn’t add up so I looked for the description of the stitches and discovered the significance of American terminology.

Below is a conversion table for crochet stitch terminology.

sc (single crochet) sl st (slip stitch)
dc (double crochet) sc (single crochet)
htr (half treble) dc (double crochet)
tr (treble) htr (half treble)
dtr (double treble) tr (treble)
ttr (triple treble) dtr (double treble)
miss skip


The next issue is the size of crochet hooks. Again the Americans have a different naming system.

Metric (mm) US Metric (mm) US
.60 14 3.00 D/3
.75 12 3.50 E/4
1.00 10 4.00 F/5
1.50 6 4.50 G/6
1.75 5 5.00 H/8
2.00 B/1 5.50 I/9
2.50 C/2 6.00 J/10


A lot of pattern books these days have conversion charts in them. If you come across instructions that look confusing though, and there is no conversion chart, they should at least have descriptions of the stitches. Take a good look at these and you should be able to make your way through.


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