Knitting For Your Health

Knitting For Your Health
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I have been reading a number of articles recently while getting started with my website. In one of these articles I came across a link to a site named “Stitchlinks”.

This site describes itself as “the home of Therapeutic Knitting since 2005.” It states its mission as being “to use knitting and other therapeutic creative activities to improve well-being generally, but also to complement medical treatments in the self-management of long-term health conditions.” It then goes on to add, “We are working closely with academics and clinicians, and as a direct result, therapeutic knitting and therapeutic knitting groups are being formally acknowledged by leading clinicians and academics for their benefits in mainstream healthcare. We have been successfully using knitting therapeutically in the NHS since 2006, so have a wealth of knowledge to share.”

I have only had a brief look at this site so far, but I intend to explore it more fully. The information it contains includes completed and ongoing research, personal development, groups and forums, and patterns and kits.

I find it fascinating that they are seeking scientific proof of the therapeutic benefits of knitting to back up what they have already observed. This is so much in line with my own views about our need to return to handcrafts to provide us with creative stimulation, satisfaction, and relaxation. Our world has become so high stress, high tech and artificial, and I really believe that we need to break away from all the technology and rediscover the joys and benefits of working with our hands to create things.

I am planning to check out the book that Stitchlinks recommends too. It is “Knit for Health and Wellness. How to knit a flexible mind and more…” by Betsan Corkhill. I hope you will join me.


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