I Should Know Better By Now!

“Check your tension before starting” – every pattern says it. You would think that after more than 50 years of knitting I would have learned this lesson by now. Apparently not!

I recently purchased some a knitting pattern and some clearance wool. The pattern was for a specific yarn. While the yarn was similar, and in the same range by the same manufacturer, it was not the yarn recommended. The recommended needle size was the same for both, and the meterage was only slightly different, so I thought it was worth trying.

I started knitting the back of the garment. It very soon became clear that it was not big enough. I pulled it undone and restarted using a size larger needles and the instructions for the next size up. This produced the right size but created another problem.

I usually purchase an extra ball, especially with clearance or sale yarn. I had checked the amounts for this garment and saw that the next size up required the same number of hanks, so decided I was safe to get the amount the pattern recommended. Unfortunately, as I am now using the instructions for the next size up, I am going to run out of wool before I finish.

A quick check with the store confirmed that, as you would expect for clearance yarn, they had no more left. They searched their computer data base and found there was only one hank left in the whole country. It was in Dunedin and I live in Wellington so this could have been quite a problem. Fortunately I have a very good friend in Dunedin, so a phone call for help resulted in her managing to purchase the wool for me. It should be in the post very soon.

The two take home messages here are:

  • ALWAYS check your tension and
  • It is always safer to buy an extra ball.

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