A Mermaid’s Tale (Tail!)

A Mermaid's Tale (Tail!)

I have been informed that one of my granddaughters would like a knitted mermaid’s tail, so I am making her one for Christmas. I was lucky enough to come across a pattern in a free giveaway booklet from one store, and found some lovely bargain craft yarn in another store, so the tail has already been started.

The yarn I purchased was completely unlabelled as to weight, length or recommended needle size, so I have been playing about a bit to work out the best size needles to use. The pattern recommends 8 mm needles, but I have found that 7 mm give me the right number of stitches for the tension guide. (Lesson learned from last time!)

These needle sizes are quite a bit bigger than I normally use. While I have only done a small amount of the actual project so far, I have spent a bit of time over the last week knitting with these bigger needles.

In the last couple of days I have noticed that some of the muscles in my forearms have felt a bit stiff, and yesterday one of my fingers was a bit sore. It was only when I was knitting last night that I realised what was happening. I do a lot of knitting and it is mainly with double knit (8 ply) or 4 ply wool. My hands and arms are used to working with the smaller needles required for these yarns. The action required to knit with larger needles is a bit different which is why I have been getting a bit stiff.

I found this to be an interesting reminder of how much we do routinely without thinking about it. Sometimes we need to make a change, and maybe experience a little discomfort, in order to achieve a new and worthwhile result.

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