Crochet Classes

Picking up and Learning Crochet StitchesI helped a friend with a crochet project recently. Afterwards she asked if I would be interested in teaching crochet to a group of her friends. They had all signed up for a “Crochet for Calmness” course, but they didn’t really know how to crochet.

I agreed to help them, but I was a bit nervous about doing it. I have always thought that I am not a very good teacher, being much better at getting on and doing things myself than at showing other people how to do something. It turns out that, when it comes to something I am really interested in sharing with other people, I am actually doing okay. I am really quite excited about it!

We started the classes last week and had our second class last night. A few of them were unable to attend this week, but the ladies who were there had made really good progress. It was so encouraging to see how much practice they had done during the week, and how keen and excited they were to keep moving on.

When I was going through my books and patterns to find suitable resources for the classes, I came across a typed out pattern for a crocheted string bag. I decided to try it out and have been adapting and rewriting it as I have been making a sample bag. Once I have finished it I will give the pattern to my class, and will also share it on this site.

This pattern will be a guideline only, something that can be adapted by people to suit their own requirements. This is an idea I touched on in my class this week. Once you have learned the basic stitches in crochet, they can be combined in many different ways to create such a variety of items.


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