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Creating Cross Stitch Designs

Image courtesy of PixabayA number of years ago the opportunity came up for me to look into creating my own cross stitch designs and kits. Unfortunately we experienced a fairly major change in our family circumstances not long after I had started, and my ideas were put on hold.

Starting this website has provided motivation for me to relook at a number of interests that I had pushed into the background for a while. Creating cross stitch patterns was one of these projects. Last week I checked out some of the software packages available, and I have purchased a copy of the PCStitch 11 programme. (You can check it out at PCStitch )

There are a number of programmes available for converting photos into cross stitch charts, including some free options. While I am interested in experimenting with photographs at some stage, my main focus at the moment is creating original projects from scratch. I would like to start out with a few small, simple projects that are suitable for beginners, and then extend myself to more complicated designs.

The PCStitch 11 programme attracted me because of all the versatile features it comes with. There is a huge library of motifs and alphabets that you can incorporate into your own designs. You can also choose to use borders from the programme, or create your own. The custom printing options allow you to create printouts to suit your individual needs, and make it easier to work from your chart.

I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my purchase. I look forward to being able to create small projects to share here for other people to enjoy as well. My challenge right now is to come up with a list of ideas to work through. It will take me a little while to familiarise myself with the software, but watch this space!


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