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Paula Vaughan

Paula Vaughan

The first complex cross stitch picture I made was one by Paula Vaughan. It was called “Cherished Dreams”. (See photo above.) Since then I have stitched several other of her designs for special occasions, mostly for wedding presents.

The “Cherished Dreams” picture was something I made for my Mum. My Dad kept it when my Mum died, but it returned to me when Dad died last year. I now have it on the wall beside my bed, and it reminds me of my Mum every time I see it.

Paula VaughanI have stitched a number of Paula Vaughan’s designs. There is something very special about them, and I was lucky enough to purchase a hard cover book a while ago titled “The Best of Paula Vaughan”. It was published by Leisure Arts and contains 26 patterns of her designs.

One thing I really like about the book is the four page introduction at the beginning. I had not realised before I read it that Paula is actually a well-loved American artist. She was approached by Leisure Arts with the idea of adapting her art to cross stitch. Until that time she knew very little about needlework, although she is a talented seamstress.

Paula started painting with oils, but after about seven years she switched to watercolours. She uses a dry-brush method. The designs I really enjoy are the romantic, nostalgic ones. They often feature quilts and older style clothing, furnishings, flowers and buildings.

If you would like to learn more about Paula Vaughan and her work please go to

My book is still available, along with a second collection, “The Best of Paula Vaughan, Book Two.” There are several other collections of designs available, as well as a large number of individual leaflets. There is a page of Paula Vaughan kits and leaflets in the Featured Items category in My Amazon Shop. I hope you will take a look at Paula’s work and be as inspired by it as I have been.


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