The Finished Garment

The Finished Garment The Finished Garment

I have finally managed to finish the garment that I had to track down extra wool to complete. (See my post “I Should Know Better By Now”.) It has definitely been a mission, but I think it has been worth it.

As I have already mentioned, I started out this project by having to undo my first attempt at knitting the back. By the time I had done about six inches it became apparent that the finished garment would not be big enough. It was then that I checked the tension and discovered that I needed to use needles a size bigger than those recommended by the pattern, and also use the instructions for the next size up.

I had hoped that things would be a bit more straight forward once the initial problems had been sorted out, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It turned out to be one of those projects where niggly little things just kept going wrong. There were a number of smaller “unpullings” as well as the previously described obtaining of another hank of wool.

I definitely needed the extra hank as the collar used almost all of it. All the leftover pieces together probably total about four metres. I managed to get the garment joined together without too many issues, which only left the purchase of an appropriate button.

The button turned out to be the final slight frustration. I managed to leave the garment at home when I went out to purchase the button. I decided to go ahead anyway, and ended up bringing home three to choose from. Fortunately one of them was exactly what I had hoped for.

I am very pleased that the vest is finally finished, and also very pleased with the end result. My next goal is to get the Mermaid’s Tail finished so that I can move on to some of my experimental projects.

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