The End of the Tail

The End of the Tail

I have come to the end of the Mermaid’s Tail and am really pleased with how it has turned out. If I have time before Christmas I may even try to make another one. I still have plenty of yarn and would like to see if I can make a slightly smaller version as I think this one may be a bit big for the little girl it is intended for.

The bag of low cost craft yarn I purchased for this project worked out really well for the most part. The main snag I ran across was the fact that the yarn is very randomly dyed. This was not a problem in itself, but I discovered that the ball I had chosen to use first turned out to be the only one that didn’t have the intensely coloured band in it that the other four balls in the bag had in them.

I decided to deal with this situation by unpulling the first dark band that I came across, winding it up, breaking it off, and not using it. I wound off the second dark band before I knitted it, so I now have two small balls of darker coloured yarn. I think I will use them for the tail section if I knit another one.

Now that this knitting project is finished, I feel free to start my Lace Sampler project (see my earlier post). I also have a few baby garments to knit. One young friend recently had her second son, and another is expecting her first baby early next year.

I am very excited about this coming baby. It is the first time I have been able to knit for a new baby knowing that it is a girl. I love knitting for babies and am really looking forward to making something little, pretty and pink.

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