Cross Stitch, Karen's Korner

What’s New?

We often come across things in our everyday life that make us stop and think, stop and laugh, or give us inspiration. I wanted somewhere to share some of my “moments” with you so I have created “Karen’s Korner”. Watch this space for some information, amusing anecdotes, and inspirational quotes or happenings.

I have added a “Downloads” page to my site. I started this off with a couple of very simple cross stitch designs that I created using my new PCStitch software. (See my post “Creating Cross Stitch Designs”.) I am gradually becoming more familiar with this software, although it is taking me a long time to finish my designs at the moment. Hopefully I will pick up speed as I establish a routine for my projects. You will also find a Pattern Download button which has a couple of crochet motifs attached.

Recently I created some slightly more complex cross stitch patterns for the “Downloads” section, and intend to add more cross stitch, crochet and knitting patterns over the coming weeks and months. I will also look for projects, challenges and articles that people can share in, contribute to, and discuss.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I have come across several charity knitting projects that relate to local organisations, and plan to look for other ideas further afield. I would love to hear from anyone who has heard of, or is associated with, any handcraft charity projects in their local areas. It would be great to share them and get more people involved.

I have two goals relating to finding projects to support. The first goal is to encourage people to become more involved with handcrafts, and the second is to provide pathways for them to help others. I believe both these things help us to feel better about ourselves and can improve our general well-being.

Happy handcrafting


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