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Calling All Wizards, Lookout For Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits

Calling All Wizards, Lookout For Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits
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Renowned author J. K. Rowling has dominated the literary field since “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” debuted in 1997. Despite the popularity of the novels, there are few available Harry Potter Cross Stitch Kits related to the series. Book and movie fans have now begun to create their own designs.

In a number of cross stitch forums on the Internet, people are asking about Harry Potter crafts. Harry Potter cross stitch enthusiasts are looking for any pattern based on images from what has become the crown jewel of fantasy. There is an outcry for Harry Potter cross stitch kits and patterns. You can find the pattern for the image at the top of this post, along with other Harry Potter themed patterns, at

There are actually quite a few Harry Potter groups in the Internet crafting world. You must register for these groups before you can read or post anything. However, the plus sides to joining are that it’s free, and it’s a great way to maybe discover new patterns that you didn’t know existed. People on these groups are usually really friendly, and it’s a remarkable way to connect people from everywhere in the world by bringing them together to discuss their common interest. It’s amazing to see how many people share the same love for Harry Potter.

Within the Yahoo Harry Potter Crafts group, you will find a link to “The Leaky Cauldron,” a Harry Potter-themed web site. Forum members have posted craft patterns for plastic canvas that can be adapted to cross stitch. In addition, there are patterns for knit and crochet on this forum. However, although the designs are creative, the patterns might not satisfy many avid cross stitchers.

Cross Stitch Direct, a cross stitch company based in Bromsgrove, UK, at some point, had access to a Harry Potter cross stitch book published by Mango Practique. The book, authored by Fredrique Deviller, containing over 60 patterns with instructions in French, may be out of print. Whether or not it is available, contributors to several cross stitch forums regard the book as quite rare. In addition, those who have purchased the book report difficulty in using the charts.

Many stitchers prefer a kit containing all the necessary supplies for completing a project. At this point, there have not been any authorized Harry Potter cross stitch kits available. Several people have created Harry Potter cross stitch designs that they are selling on eBay. This might be your only option if you are looking for Harry Potter cross stitch patterns.

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