All About Loom Knitting

All About Loom Knitting
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Knitting is a well-known art form which has regained popularity in recent times, and so have knitting looms. Knitting on looms is much easier than knitting on needles. Different manufacturers produce knitting looms that can be used by knitters at home. These are delightful and convenient items that can help to make knitting interesting. These knitting looms range from plastic looms to the heavy duty wooden looms.

Knitting looms that are available in today’s marketplace come in different shapes and sizes, these including oval, round and rectangular. There are also looms you can purchase that are shaped like a butterfly. This design is helpful in creating knots and crochets. Many manufacturers have made fun filled looms which glow in the dark. You would find these knitting looms helpful if you required to work in a dimly lit room.

Parents can even get a knitting loom set for their children. The child set includes a set of four plastic looms, as well as a full set of instructions. All possible steps are taken for the safety of children, but it is recommended they are not used by children below five years of age.

By giving your kids a set of knitting looms you can develop this art at an early age. It is also said that knitting is a really great recreational activity. These looms can also be used for worsted and bulky yarns.

Round knitting looms can be used to create objects like hats, wrist warmers etc. Looms also come in single rake or double rake varieties, meaning they have a single row of pegs or a double row. A single row can be used to produce objects with one right side and a wrong side, while the double row is used to create a garment that can be used both ways.

Rectangle knitting looms are great for creating scarves, afghans, and other large designs. This loom has a single rake and it is simple to work with. If you buy a set of these, you will also get a pick and hook tool and the necessary instructions.

These knitting looms are good for every beginner, and for amateurs in the world of knitting. People who are unable to knit using needles will definitely be able to use a knitting loom. By using varying methods of wrapping the yarn on the pegs, you can make knit works of various stitches and patterns.

The projects produced utilizing knitting looms are as pleasing as the ones made using needles. Thus with out wasting a moment, get yourselves a knitting loom, with the aid of which you can create glorious knitted items at a much lesser effort.

This article was written by Gina Williams, an up and coming expert on knitting.

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