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Celtic Embroidery Designs

Celtic Embroidery Designs
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Embroidery all around the globe is considered as a piece of heritage. This heritage has been with us for many centuries. Embroidery as an art form is so aged that none of us could pin point the accuracy of its ancientness. Since the time of our mothers, grandmothers and their ancestors this art has been followed.

Where we reside doesn’t make a difference as we all have been introduced to cross stitch embroidery. That’s because it’s so easy to learn. It requires the most common of obtainable supplies.

Cross stitch is not without its impressions of varied civilizations and regions and tribes. Patterns of cross stitch are a great mixture of some primitive, ethnic, modern as well as contemporary variations. While some regional patterns are evident others too have their impressions. Victorian cross stitch is revered for its classic designs, African stitching is applauded for its ethnicity and Celtic designs for their intricacy.


Celtic embroidery is an ancient form of embroidery. Its archetypal patterns are well known, also the diversity of its patterns are something that we can take pride in. Since Celts were predominantly nomads the impressions of their art knew no boundaries. These patterns could be seen on probably every possession of theirs.

The motifs and design work on their possessions had such minute details that some work could well be classed as masterpieces in our contemporary life. Cross stitch patterns used by Celts had impressions of their daily lifestyles. Patterns like geometrical shapes, mythological creatures, flowers, alphabets and more. They didn’t just stop with creating patterns with embroideries. They were so found of these patterns that even their swords, utensils, walls and bodies could be engraved with such patterns.


You may now be wondering how to get these gorgeous and unique patterns. Twenty-five odd years ago I wouldn’t have been in a position to answer any of this, but today I am fortunate enough to have enough knowledge about this art to be able to share it with you.

Simply visit your nearest store or art and craft vendor to get yourself that really nice Celtic cross stitch design kit. If you fail in your effort to locate a crafts store nearby, then you might find one at a bookshop. And just in case you prefer to shop from the comfort of your house, I can help you here too.

You can easily place an online order requesting your kit. There are also plenty of sites that offer these patterns for free. Make your selections depending upon your skill level. I sincerely hope that I have left no stone unturned to encourage you to take up Celtic cross stitch embroidery.

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