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Using Patterns as a Guide

Have you ever thought of using patterns as a guide? Do you have a few favourite patterns that you keep returning to? Sometimes it can be fun to get a bit more creative and change things up a bit, but it pays to start doing this with patterns you have used before and know work well.

I want tUsing Patterns as a GuideUsing Patterns as a Guideo emphasise before I go any further that patterns are actually very necessary. Beginners in particular need to find clear, easy to follow instructions which will help them become more confident and familiar with the craft they are starting on. The ideas I am presenting here are aimed at people who are more experienced and are looking for some creative challenges.

The idea for this post came from a couple of projects I have done recently. In both cases I only made small adjustments to the pattern, but I was really pleased with the finished articles.

My crochet bunny was a request from my eldest granddaughter. The pattern was in a small book I purchased from Spotlight and was supposed to be done in two colours. My granddaughter asked if I could do hers using some rainbow coloured yarn that I had.

Going from two colours to one is, on the face of it, very simple. I found though that I had to check the pattern very carefully for the pieces that were originally two coloured. I realised that there were actually two rows involved in the instructions for the changeover so I had to go back and double check my counting to make sure I had the correct number.

Obviously this situation was not a critical one, and a row here or there would not have made a noticeable difference. I am only using this as an illustration of little things to look for when making changes.

Using Patterns as a Guide Using Patterns as a Guide Using Patterns as a GuideI have also just finished two jerseys. They are basically the same pattern but the girl’s one has a lacy panel up the front while the boys one has a cabled pattern in a contrasting wool. The important thing I needed to remember here was to add in a couple of extra stitches in the centre of the front for the cabled pattern. I then had to decrease the same number at the top so that the neck band would have the correct number of stitches.

These are a couple of simple ideas for adapting patterns. I plan to continue this theme in later posts.

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