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Easter Eggs and Baskets

Easter Eggs and Baskets Easter Eggs and Baskets
It seems a bit strange to be talking about Easter eggs and baskets when it feels like we have not long had Christmas, but Easter is now only a few weeks away. I have come across a number of free patterns lately with an Easter theme and thought I would do something a bit different for my grandchildren this year.

I decided to get started a bit early, so over the last couple of weeks I have been busily crocheting multi-coloured mini Easter eggs and baskets. The first batch, pictured above, has been finished and sent away. Needless to say they were accompanied by some chocolate eggs as well. I also sent the two jerseys I had recently finished (see “Using Patterns as a Guide”) which I had decided to hold back so that everything could be posted together. Now I need to keep going with the rest of them.

I know I shouldn’t be, but I am constantly amazed by the variety of things which people are able to make with crochet and knitting. The patterns I have seen for Easter projects include baskets ranging from simple to very ornately decorated, all sorts of eggs and egg shaped items, and a large number of bunnies. One thing which comes to mind that I would never have thought of is Easter egg shaped dish cloths. I guess they add a bit of fun and colour to the rather mundane tasks of cleaning and washing up.

I have to admit that I struggle with the commercialism of Easter (and Christmas). The true meaning and significance of Easter has been pushed into the background. Sitting down and spending time hand making gifts provides an opportunity to also think about the reasons we celebrate Easter. This is something very important to me and I hope that you find time for some quiet contemplation whilst making a few special gifts for some of the special people in your lives.


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