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Crochet and Knitting Proven Stress Relievers

Crochet and Knitting Proven Stress Relievers
A knitted or crocheted tote is something a lot of people simply walk past in tourist shops or push to the back of their closet most of the year. This is not the case in my family. Knitting and crochet have always been a big part of my grandma’s life, and I never really knew why until last week.

For every holiday my grandma would give her grandkids a knitted or crocheted tote along with another little gift. I think she knew I didn’t really use them, even though I always hung one on the back of my door like I would need to use it at any time. Grandma said she made so many that she didn’t need them for herself. I think she always hoped I would start getting interested in crochet or knitting just like she did when she was my age.

I volunteered to drive my grandma to her knitting and crochet club last week, without realizing it was over half an hour away. She walked up to the car with her usual knitting and crochet tote and supplies in tow. We had time to kill, so we naturally started talking about her knitting club meeting that day. She told me how she first began knitting and crocheting and why she continued to keep the hobby for 62 years and counting. She said that with all the stress in her life from working and raising three kids, she needed something to keep her calm. She needed anything constant that could keep her mind off of everything else that was bothering her.

I didn’t believe her at first that each knitting and crochet tote she carried somehow acted as a stress reliever. After later research online, I found out that she was actually right! Activities like knitting and crochet have a calming effect that can help manage anxiety. As a result, these activities even help medical conditions like asthma or panic attacks. Because of the stress relieving properties, knitting and crochet can also strengthen the body’s immune system.

Yesterday when I drove Grandma to her last club meeting, I saw her knitting and crochet tote and had a feeling of admiration and interest. I decided to do something I usually vowed never to do. I went into the meeting. I did go in there very well prepared, though. I looked up a Complete Beginners Guide to Knitting and Free Easy Crochet Patterns. I was baffled on my own and getting stressed just trying to figure out what all of these new terms meant.

At this last meeting I began something of my own. I made a crochet tote bag that was so easy, and I finally had a tote bag of my own for all my supplies. I finally made a bag that I’m going to actually use! After the meeting I decided that I’m going to look into some other stress relieving techniques, like a Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern for my new apartment. Who knew staying calm and healthy could be so easy?

For even more fun knitting and crochet projects, check out! Marly Schuman is a food editor at, but has learned a lot about crafting through her experiences working for FaveCrafts too!


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