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Two Jumpers and an Octopus

Two Jumpers and an Octopus
I have managed to get a few projects finished off over the last week or so. I have completed two jumpers and an octopus, as well as conducting a small experiment with pattern grids (see “A Comparison of Pattern Grids”).

The two jumpers, more specifically a jumper and a cardigan, were for the same little girl I did the “pink knitting” for (see “Baby Knitting”). She is growing fast, as babies tend to do, and I thought her Mum might appreciate some more jumpers as the winter closes in on us.

Two Jumpers and an Octopus Two Jumpers and an Octopus The pink jumper (yes, pink again!) was made using a pattern that is a bit of a favourite of mine. I have used it several times before and have always been pleased with the finished garment. In contrast, the pattern I used for the white cardigan was a new one for me. It was a free pattern off the “LoveKnitting” site. Some of the terminology was a little unfamiliar to start off with but I quickly got the hang of it and was very satisfied with the outcome.

Two Jumpers and an OctopusThe octopus was a sample I decided to do to try out one of the patterns I found when writing my “Octopuses (Octopi?) For Premature Babies” post.  I discovered that the crochet patterns I had found on two different websites were actually pretty much the same. I chose to use the one that was written using terms I was the most familiar with and really enjoyed the project.

Two Jumpers and an OctopusI used some left over wool for this octopus as it was only a practice sample. I have noticed that all the patterns I have are very specific about using 100% cotton yarn to make them for babies. They also need to be stuffed with fibre filling which is washable at 60⁰C. I was very pleased with my little practice octopus though, and will go looking for some suitable cotton yarn to make some “real” ones.


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