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Another Octopus and Some Scarves

Another Octopus and Some Scarves
I have been putting off writing this post because I seem to have mislaid my first octopus. (See “Two Jumpers and an Octopus”.) I wanted to take a photo of both of them together to give a better idea of their similarities and differences, but my crocheted one seems to have found a “safe place” to hang out in. Consequently I have decided that I can’t wait around any longer and am going ahead without it.

I used the knitting pattern from the same website I got the crocheted one from, Prawelewe Art Studio. These patterns are downloadable pdfs and, therefore, are very convenient to use, but you can see my previous post “Octopuses (Octopi?) For Premature Babies” for other options.

Another Octopus and Some Scarves Another Octopus and Some ScarvesIt was an interesting exercise to make both versions one after the other. While I am really pleased with the finished version of both, I think I prefer the crocheted one. I found the knitted tentacles to be rather hard on my hands, and I think the crocheted tentacles are more effective. That being said, I think it’s great that there are patterns available that enable both knitters and crocheters to contribute to a really great cause. (See the “Octopus for a Preemie” Facebook page.)

One thing I noted on all the patterns I looked at was that they all recommended the same materials for making them for premature babies. These recommendations are:

  • Yarn – 100% cotton, one mentioned hypoallergenic
  • Stuffing – fibre filling which is washable at 60⁰C

I have recently started on another knitting project which you may be interested in looking at in your own area. We have just officially started winter here (I live in New Zealand) and the weather has definitely become a bit colder. I am very thankful that I am able to live in a warm, comfortable home, and have been thinking about those who are less fortunate.

My project involves knitting scarves to be donated to homeless people in my local area. I will probably look at doing hats and mittens as well, and am planning to enlist help from other people. This help could take the form of donating odd balls of wool to the cause or even knitting them up themselves. For someone living on the street, in their car, or even in a shelter, every bit of warm clothing can help, and every act of kindness can remind them that they are not forgotten.

See also “Handcrafting to Support Charities


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