Easy Steps to Create a Crochet Baby Blanket Gift

Easy Steps to Create a Crochet Baby Blanket Gift
Image courtesy of Pinterest
Easy Steps to Create a Crochet Baby Blanket Gift
Image courtesy of Ravelry

Easy Steps to Create a Crochet Baby Blanket Gift

If you are thinking about making a homemade baby gift, like a baby blanket, you will find there are many options. You can quilt a blanket, do some embroidery, or you can crochet a blanket. If you choose to take the time to make a homemade baby blanket it will be much appreciated. Most people realize how much time and effort it takes to plan and make a crochet baby blanket gift and they will be grateful and feel very special that you spent the time on them and their new baby.

If you have decided to crochet a baby blanket gift and are new to crocheting you are in for a treat when you hit the yarn store. Yarn comes in so many textures, colors and fabrics now it is unreal. You can get the softest yarn that will make a soft and beautiful baby blanket. You can choose from soft wool, or chenille, acrylic and cotton can also be very soft and fluffy.

If you are thinking about crocheting a baby blanket and don’t know how to crochet, obviously you will first have to learn. There are a variety of stitches, but they are easily learned and very clear directions are readily available at a number of websites. You can do a quick search using any search engine and ask for how to crochet a baby blanket. You will get great instructions and patterns, basically everything you need to know to crochet your baby blanket. I have listed a number of sites at the bottom of this post to help you get started.

If online tutorials aren’t your best learning environment and you want a little more direct instruction you can check at your local craft store. They often have crochet classes. Learning to crochet with a teacher is nice because you get immediate feedback and can quickly correct any mistakes you make. They may offer crochet classes, where you can meet up with other people who enjoy crocheting as well. You will end up with a wonderful gift, and maybe even some new friends.

Once you have learned to crochet, you just have to find a great baby blanket pattern. You can find patterns for free online. You can often print these patterns out so you have them for reference. You can also check your local library for crochet pattern books. There are complete books of crochet patterns for you to check out. You can also get pattern ideas from craft magazines, don’t forget to check back issues.

Once you’ve made your first baby blanket you may find you enjoy crocheting so much you want to move on to something a little bigger. You could try some throw blankets or even a bedspread. The options are limitless, but it is sure to be a treasured gift.

There are countless  sites with great patterns, and most of them sell yarn and accessories as well. Two sites I would highly recommend are “Ravelry” and”LoveKnitting“. You could also check out “Annies“, “Knit Picks“,”Craftsy“, or “Leisure Arts“.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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