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From Teenagers To Toddlers

From Teenagers To Toddlers
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I think I have already mentioned that I have a job as a Teacher Aide at our local high school (Tawa College). This week I made a huge transition from teenagers to toddlers. Please let me explain.

Unfortunately my job at the high school is for term time only, meaning I only get paid for the hours I am in class during term time. This week was the first week of the school holidays and I have managed to pick up relief work in some of the local day care centres to help earn a bit more money.

As I have also mentioned previously, I do have five grandchildren, three of whom live close by, so spending time with younger children is not out of my comfort zone. The biggest adjustment has been the very different work environment. It is much more free form and relaxed, while also being quite a bit noisier and unpredictable at times. All of this was expected, but reality is still always a bit different from theory.

I was lucky enough to pick up a shift every day for my first week. They were spread across three different centres, and I found most of the staff very welcoming. The children have been very accepting, and I have found it really interesting (and at times very entertaining!) observing and experiencing their behaviours and learning processes.

One more week of “littlies” and then it is back to the very different challenges of teenagers again.

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