The First Batch Of Baby Knitting

The First Batch Of Baby KnittingI have the first batch of baby knitting ready to go. (See “The Singlets Have Been Started”.) To be honest, it has been ready for a few weeks but there have been a few communication delays in my attempts to get them delivered to the lady running the Neonatal Unit project. Hopefully I will get things sorted this weekend.

The First Batch Of Baby KnittingYou will be able to see from the photos that there is a bit of variation in the size of some of the garments, but I am sure they will still all be useful. One of the little blue singlets is slightly smaller than the other as I adjusted the number of rows in the original one so that I could get it finished. The second one was made using the extra ball that I had to buy to do the trim around the neck of the first one.

Again, because I am trying to use up some of the baby wool I have accumulated as leftovers from previous projects, my first version of the white singlet is a bit bigger than it should be. This is because the pattern is supposed to be for 2 ply wool and I used 3 ply. I wanted to try out several patterns to see which ones I liked best before purchasing more wool.The First Batch Of Baby Knitting

The little red cardigan was made using some of the “Threadwaste” yarn (see “My Yarn Shop Detour”) and I was really pleased with how it turned out. It is lovely wool to work with and is wonderfully soft. I had hoped I would be able to make a little cardigan from the one ball of grey 4 ply that I purchased but, unfortunately, this basic cardigan uses about 55g of wool so I can’t quite do it. I think I will do another ribbed singlet with it instead.

All in all it has been enjoyable knitting and I am looking forward to getting on with some more.

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