“Pink Fluffy Unicorns”

"Pink Fluffy Unicorns"Actually, they are more like Rainbow Unicorns, but I keep having the song “Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows” popping into my head when I look at my pattern. I recently found a cute pattern for crocheted fingerless mitts which are decorated to look like unicorns. The pattern is written in sizes from toddlers to large adult, so I’ve been having some fun experimenting.

Photo is of an image from
Photo is of an image from

I haven’t got around to making any ears or horns yet, but thought I would share with you the things I have done so far. The two larger mitts were made using the children’s pattern. The variation in size was actually an accidental experiment in that I mistakenly did one less white row before changing to the rainbow yarn.

"Pink Fluffy Unicorns"A friend at work was very interested in the mitts when I was working on them at morning tea last week. She asked me if I could do a very small pair for her 20 month old granddaughter in the UK. As previously mentioned, the pattern has a version for toddlers. I felt I should try to make it a little smaller though, so I used a smaller hook to reduce the size. I am really pleased with the result, so now only need to do all the extra “bits” on them so my friend can post them off for Christmas.

"Pink Fluffy Unicorns"My plan is to do a pair each for my own granddaughters for Christmas, too. I may even make some for my daughters as a sort of fun gift each. Whatever I end up doing, it feels good to be making a start on the Christmas list.

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