We Have A Runner!

We Have A Runner!I have finished the bed runner from the “STRIPE IT YOUR WAY for Home & Fashion” book so we now have a runner on the end of our bed. I have really enjoyed this project. It has been quite relaxing and satisfying to make.

We Have A Runner! We Have A Runner!As I mentioned in my review post on the book (see link above), I was unable to purchase the recommended yarn, so I used the yarn and gauge details to work out something suitable. I was using a finer yarn so I put four more rows in each main band. The finished runner has turned out to be exactly the right size, so I am very pleased with the end result.

The other update I would like to report is on the unicorn mitts. (See “Pink Fluffy Unicorns”.) I am pleased to announce that I finished them last week and they are currently on their way to the UK. It turns out that crocheting these mitts is the easy part. I provided my husband with quite a bit of entertainment, not to mention straight out amusement, when I was trying to apply the finishing touches.

We Have A Runner! We Have A Runner!The original pattern used button-like eyes and felt cut outs for the ears and facial features. I had planned all along to embroider these on mine, but had not expected it to be quite such a challenge. The task I thought would take me an hour or so actually occupied most of one evening. The accompanying comments and various noises indicating a range of emotions from irritation to frustration were the things which kept my husband amused. Needless to say his responses were not helpful. I am hoping the next mitts will prove to be a little easier now that I have learnt a few tricks on the first ones.

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