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Christmas Projects Finished

Christmas Projects FinishedThis post is a little later than I had planned, but that’s okay because I got my Christmas projects finished. The photo at the top is of a handmade, cross stitched card which a colleague of mine gave me. It is very special because, although I have given away many cross stitch pieces over the years, this is only the fourth one someone has made for me.

I was really busy before Christmas knitting scarves for the “ladies” in my family (my two daughters and my son’s partner). They were finished so close to the wire that I didn’t get around to taking photos before I wrapped them. All three were very different and I enjoyed each of them.

Christmas Projects Finished This light weight (4 ply) scarf has headed back to Melbourne. The yarn was so soft and lovely to work with. The pattern was a bit of a challenge until I got used to it. I have used charts for intarsia work before, but not for stitch patterns. Once I had got the hang of reading right to left on right side rows, and left to right on wrong side rows, I quickly got into the swing of things and the pattern was fairly easy to follow.

Christmas Projects Finished Both “purple” scarves turned out to be a little less purple than the yarn appeared in the online photos I ordered from, and both the DK yarns were not as soft as I had hoped for. This second purple scarf was probably the most complicated pattern. It is a reversible cable pattern. I found it really intriguing to see how the pattern worked out on both sides.

Christmas Projects Finished I just love the rich colour of the final scarf. It is a deep rusty red. The pattern, although fairly straight forward, is very effective. I am really happy that I managed to get everything done in time (just!) and very pleased with the results. Now I am so excited that I can get out the cotton yarn I have had put away out of temptation’s reach, and I can get started on Octopals! (See OFAPNZ.)

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