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Headknits First Q and A

One of the blogs I follow had a link to this Q & A post on “Headknits” blog. The paragraph below is from the “Headknits” site.

Here’s a Q&A for you, my first! You can answer questions in the comments or post them to your blog. If you post them, please leave a comment so we can go read them!

  1. Do you set New Year’s Goals or Resolutions for yourself?
  2. Do you have any creative goals for the new year?
  3.  Some people like to set a goal for a certain number of things to make for the year. For example: 18 in 18. Do you do this? If so, what is the number? How do you decide the number of things to make?
  4. Do you have blogging goals for the new year? If so, what are they?
  5. What is your favorite thing you’ve made in 2018? Post a pic!


Here are my answers:

  1. No, I try to keep looking for goals throughout the year.
  2. Yes, I am really keen to start making “Octopals” for OFPANZ, and I want to do more knitting for my local Neonatal Unit.
  3. I often have a few projects in mind, and decide what I am going to do next when I am near finishing my current project. That being said, I also tend to have several different projects on the go at any one time. Anything for me tends to go on hold if something else comes along.
  4. I really need to work on becoming more regular again with my posts. I was managing to do at least one per week for quite a while, but fell behind a lot last year.
  5. I think my favourite knitted garment from 2018 was the vest I made for myself. (See “How much yarn will you need?“) I enjoyed knitting it, it is really comfortable to wear, and it was made from wool that I inherited from my Mum.

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