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Slow Start To 2019

Slow Start To 2019The photo at the top shows what I had organised at the beginning of the year to get started with several projects. There are patterns, tips and several balls of cotton for Octopals, and some 2 ply wool for baby singlets. Unfortunately things didn’t quite go according to plan and I got off to a slow start to 2019.

We had a lovely Christmas with all but one of our children here with their partners/spouses and children. I really enjoyed Christmas for the first time in a number of years. It was lovely to share special family times, especially having all five grandchildren together and getting on so well. I guess I needed more time than I thought to get back to “normal”.

Slow Start To 2019 Slow Start To 2019The good news is that I have finally finished my first Octopal (an octopus) using the ball of yarn donated by Dawn Harpur from OFAPNZ, and have most of the body of a jellyfish made. It is intriguing how different they are in colour when they have come from the same ball of yarn.

Slow Start To 2019I have included a photo which compares my first official octopus with the sample one I did using leftover wool to experiment with the pattern. There are very strict rules around the materials and construction of Octopals to ensure they are safe to give to tiny at risk babies. It has been really interesting getting my head around a few new ways of doing things.

I didn’t have too many slip ups with the “yarn under” method of crocheting, and I think I corrected any I made. The “invisible” increasing and decreasing were easy to get the hang of, but then I came across a slight complication. They really are pretty much invisible so I struggled to see where they were at times. This resulted in a number of pull backs to ensure I had the shaping right.

The next step is to send them off, once the second one is finished, then keep my fingers crossed that they pass the quality control tests. I will let you know how they get on.

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