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From Christmas To Birthdays And Other Things

I was so excited that both my Octopals were accepted (see my comment on “On Their Way!”) and have now started another octopus. I’m going to stick with this pattern to start off with and return to the jellyfish a bit later.

From Christmas To Birthdays And Other Things From Christmas To Birthdays And Other ThingsI found crocheting my Octopals a bit hard on my hands. To give me a bit of a break I knitted a little cardigan in between. I mentioned finding a lovely ball of grey 4 ply merino wool when I did “My Yarn Shop Detour” last year. The cardigan patterns I had all seemed to use slightly more yarn than I had in my one ball. I had resigned myself to knitting a singlet instead. However, when I bought the wool for the Christmas scarves, I also purchased the Neonatal Trust “Knitting For Prems” book. I was delighted to find a pattern I could use and have now finished that as well.

In “Christmas Projects Finished” I showed you the scarves I knitted. Unfortunately I ran out of time to get the unicorn fingerless mitts done for Christmas, only managing to get one pair “mostly” done. I finished these off recently. My eldest granddaughter received them as part of her birthday present at the end of January.

From Christmas To Birthdays And Other ThingsI found a cute little pattern for a “Spring Shrug” by DROPS on Ravelry and knitted this up for her as well. It was the first time I had knitted a garment sideways and I found it really interesting. Knitting the shrug was pretty straightforward, and quite quick. However, it took me a little while to get my head around how I was supposed to join it up when it was finished. I was very pleased with the end result and will definitely try something similar again.

There are three more birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks so my knitting needles are still very busy.

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