More Birthday Presents

More Birthday PresentsWe tend to have groups of birthdays in our family. In the January/February group my eldest granddaughter is the end of January. In February I have a grandson on the 9th, a brother on the 10th, a son on the 11th, then another grandson on the 12th. Busy times!

I have already mentioned the shrug and mittens I made for my granddaughter for her birthday (see “From Christmas To Birthdays And Other Things”). I decided to knit a hat and fingerless mittens for my son. He has recently done some tramping and I thought they might be useful as the weather starts getting colder. While the idea seemed simple in theory, putting it into practice turned out to be a bit more complicated.

Having previously found some patterns I liked on Ravelry, and organised suitable yarn, I thought I should have plenty of time to get the items made and posted. Wrong! I knitted the hat first. The pattern was a little difficult to follow, being a chart rather than written instructions. It knitted up quite quickly to start with. The problems came when doing the crown.

More Birthday Presents
Finished hat – colour is a bit washed out in this photo.

I’ve made a few hats in my time and these instructions didn’t quite feel right. I decided to persevere and give them a chance. Wrong again! The crown ended up being about twice as long as it should have been, creating a nice pointy cap effect. Unfortunately this was not what I was after, so I ended up pulling the crown undone, rewriting the pattern, and the reknitting the crown.

More Birthday Presents
Finished mittens – colour also a bit pale here

The problem with the mittens was my own fault. I used a plain pattern and added in bands of pattern to match the hat. This involved many handwritten notes on the pattern. When these were combined with a late night session to try to get the second mitten finished to post away, the result was a missed instruction in the thumb shaping which I discovered when I was six rows from finishing. Obviously this meant more undoing, reknitting, and wasted time.

As a result of all this the present was late, but it was enthusiastically received so I guess that’s what matters in the end.

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  1. “I’ve made a few hats in my time and these instructions didn’t quite feel right. I decided to persevere and give them a chance. Wrong again!”

    This happens to me over and over. It’s why I decided to start writing my own patterns!

    I like your hat very much!

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