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A New Way Of Joining Together

A New Way Of Joining TogetherWe all know how annoying and frustrating it can be to either run out of yarn part way through a row. It is even more annoying to come across a knot in the yarn. I like joining together at the end of a row, but my mother also taught me how to splice yarn when necessary.

Just after I started knitting the hat and mitts for my son (see “More Birthday Presents”) I randomly came across a new technique for joining yarn. I decided to try it when it became necessary to join in a new ball and was really amazed by the result. The sample I have taken some photos of uses different coloured yarn to demonstrate this technique for you. You may already know it, but it was something I hadn’t seen before.


A New Way Of Joining TogetherThe first step is to insert a yarn needle about 3 cm from the end of your working yarn. Do this with it facing back towards your work. Thread the needle up for 3-4 cm then thread the end of the yarn through the eye of the needle.

A New Way Of Joining Together A New Way Of Joining TogetherStep two is to thread the end of the new ball through the loop made at the end of the working yarn. Follow step one using another yarn needle for the new ball.

A New Way Of Joining TogetherWhen both have been threaded, gently pull first one, then the other, all the way through. Make sure the loops have been pulled tightly together and ease each side out straight. You can now continue knitting with an almost invisible join.

A New Way Of Joining TogetherI hope you find this as useful as I have already done. I have used it on both DK wool and 3 ply sock yarn so far and it has been very successful.

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