Another Trio Swam Away

Another Trio Swam AwayWow! So a quarter of the year is now gone, and we are two days down in April already. I took the photo at the top on the 17th of February, the day before I sent another trio of little Octopals away. That means it has taken me just over six weeks to finally get this post written – not an easy admission to make.

Another Trio Swam AwayI am including another photo of the first two I sent away (see β€œOn Their Way!”) just to show the amazing range of colour changes that happened from just one ball. The yarn was Camilla Cotton Magic by Ice Yarns. It was a 100g ball and I got five Octopals out of it with a bit left over.

Another Trio Swam AwayThe yarn I have been using recently is Sesia Bio Bimbo which I purchased from Knitworld. It is softer than the other yarn, but it does tend to split a bit more. I am interested to see how many I get from my 50g ball. When I weighed the unstuffed Octopals made with the first yarn they were around 17g. The one I have done so far with the new yarn was about 12g, so I should theoretically be able to get four from each of the two balls I have.

The good news about the three I posted off in February is that they were all accepted and have been sent on to be companions for some special wee babies. It is really satisfying to be able to do something which could make a difference for these vulnerable, precious newborns.

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