Bedtime Socks

Bedtime Socks

A lot has happened this week. Daylight saving finished last weekend. I finished all the socks I’ve been making on Sunday and took photos on Monday so I could write my post. The rest of the week seemed to just disappear in all the general rushing around associated with the last week of term! So somehow it is now Saturday morning and I am finally sitting down to write my post.

Let me explain about “Bedtime Socks”. Last month my six year old granddaughter Skyped me to inform me that all the bedtime socks were too small for them. Apparently they didn’t even fit her three year old brother. Naturally I asked if she thought I should knit them some more. I received an immediate, enthusiastic “Yes please”. She chose the colours I should knit for her and for her brother and I got started knitting.

Bedtime Socks
First colour choice with blended toes
Bedtime Socks
Second colour choice

I had warned her that I might not have enough wool for her first colour choice so she had chosen a backup as well. With a bit of careful weighing, and the use of some wool that blended in quite well to do the toe on each sock, I managed to get a pair of socks finished in the first choice then decided I would make some in her second choice too. This meant I needed to make two pairs for her brother as well, so I now have four pairs of socks to take with me when we go down to visit them at Easter.

Bedtime SocksMy daughter and her family live on a farm in the lower part of the South Island, so it gets rather cold in the winter. The children like to wear the hand knitted socks to bed to help keep warm, hence the “Bedtime Socks”. As the weather here has recently decided to remind us that we are getting closer to winter than summer, the socks should be delivered just in time. (The yarn is Opal Sock Yarn and it is self-patterning.)

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