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South Island Trip (part one)

South Island Trip (part one)You may have noticed that I have been very quiet for the last three weeks. We were lucky enough to get away for a two week road trip around our lovely South Island. I can’t believe that it is actually a whole week since we got back!

While we were away we often had limited access to the internet. I did have my laptop with me, but was more focused on making the most of time with family and friends than on spending time on the computer anyway. Subsequently, I now have a whole lot of catching up to do with my site and with other people’s posts. I am going to put up several posts with photos from our trip, and have also put a new one on the top of my front page: waves on the beach at Kaikoura.

South Island Trip (part one)
Moon rise in Motueka

We started our trip with a ride on the Interislander Ferry which runs between Wellington in the North Island and Picton in the South Island. As we took the late sailing, we didn’t arrive in Picton until just after midnight, so stayed the night there. The next morning we headed to Nelson to spend the day catching up with friends, and stayed that night with my husband’s niece and her family in Motueka.

From there we went through to the West Coast and stayed two nights in Hokitika. This is where our son who did “The Longest Walk New Zealand” has settled with his two little dogs. He has been there for over a year now, so it was good to catch up with him and see where he is living.

South Island Trip (part one)
Second rain band approaching form the south
South Island Trip (part one)
First weather front receding to the north
South Island Trip (part one)
Clear gap in the middle

The West Coast is renowned for its dramatic weather and seascapes. I am including some photos taken in between two rainy fronts which passed through on our second day there, and of the sunset that happened as the second band of rain was approaching.

South Island Trip (part one)
Looking across the Hokitika River to the Southern Alps
South Island Trip (part one)
Sunset behind the approaching clouds to the south
South Island Trip (part one)
Sunset looking north

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