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A Little Bit Of Progress

some progressWe have just had a long weekend here to celebrate Queen’s Birthday, and I had all sorts of plans for getting lots of things done. Even although Monday was a holiday, my husband was working all day. I was looking forward to getting stuck in and making some progress with some crafts and some posts. Two of my grandchildren had other ideas, however, and requested a sleepover! Needless to say their plans trumped mine and my catch ups didn’t happen.

I am lucky enough to be heading south again for a few days tomorrow – flying this time. Unfortunately I won’t have time to post the last part of my previous trip before I go. The weather has changed right on cue with the official arrival of winter. I will probably have some snow photos when I get back which I can compare with those from April (see “South Island Trip (part two)“).

I have managed to make some progress with my knitting. The resized bedtime socks for my grandson (see “Bedtime Socks Revisited”) will be joined by the toggle fastened jacket I have finished for my granddaughter. This was a rather straight forward pattern to make and I found it quite enjoyable.

some progress
Some assembly still required
some progress
Crocheted front band toggle fastenings

True to form I couldn’t just knit the garment completely as per the pattern. I made some slight changes to the way I knitted the front bands, and I also decided to crochet the loops and fastenings for the toggles. I tried a couple of different versions with the first set I made, but it didn’t take too much effort to work them out.

Hopefully everything will be the right size this time. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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    1. I’ve just checked my book. The pattern is called “Beetle Toggle Cardigan” but the book is from 2015 and I think I got it on clearance. It doesn’t show on the Spotlight website.

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