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One Down, Still Many To Go!

One Down, Still Many To Go!As you can see, I’ve finished my little cross stitch, so that’s one down of my many projects. I actually finished it on Saturday evening, but needed to get organised to get a photo taken. I still need to find a frame for it.

This project was small and straight forward, and I found it really relaxing. I am motivated to try to get my bigger cross stitch project out of hibernation now, but I know I need to get a few other things dealt with first. It is very tempting though!

One Down, Still Many To Go!I am in the very unusual position of having two acrylic projects on my needles at the moment! I hardly ever knit anything but wool so it feels a bit wrong. The first one is a cardigan for my granddaughter, and the reason for the acrylic yarn is that she chose it when she was out shopping with her mum. The colours are very pretty, and I think it will look good when it is finished, but the yarn is driving me nuts.

One Down, Still Many To Go!I have taken a close up photo so you can see how it really doesn’t have much twist at all. I have had to create a whole new style of knitting for it because it just unravels and splits if I use my usual technique. It should be finished soon though – Yay!

One Down, Still Many To Go!My second acrylic project is a 4 ply cardigan for me using a free pattern off Ravelry. I initially bought wool for this pattern but I bought it online and the colour was a bit stronger than I was expecting when it arrived. I saw this baby yarn on clearance in a local shop and loved the colour, so decided I would give it a go. I expect this to be a longer term project so progress will probably be slow, especially as I have several other projects lurking in the background as well.

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