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Whoops – There Was A Wool Store!

Wool Store!It was good to have a break away for a few days last week. The trip up was a bit wet in places, but not too bad. Coming back home was another story, however. Very heavy rain made it difficult to see the road quite a lot of the time for the first half of the trip. Inevitably there was a wool store involved in the journey.

Fortunately my husband said we should call in on the way up just in case we didn’t have a chance on the way back, and that turned out to be a good call. Because of the slower return trip we ended up going past about 10 minutes before they closed. I think I have mentioned “The Wool Company” before, and they are well worth checking out.

In an effort to save time I had already looked at the catalogue before we left, so had a good idea what I wanted. I am proud to say that I actually managed to stick to my choices too. What made it even better was that my husband bought himself a jersey and spent more in the shop than I did! The shop’s main business is made up garments.

Wool Store!The thing I really wanted was some wool for a cowl for a birthday present for my son’s partner next month. I made her a scarf for Christmas, but was a bit disappointed with the colour of the yarn I bought online. This time I made sure that the colour was definitely purple. The wool is a double knit in a really rich deep purple and is a 200g hank.

Wool Store!I also took the opportunity of getting some more baby wool to do more knitting for the local neonatal unit. I bought a ball of white 2 ply and two balls of pale aqua 3 ply. All three are 100g balls.

I’ve already wound the purple and started the cowl, so will post an update shortly.

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