Birthday Present Cowl Update

birthday presentI finally remembered to take a photo at the right time today so here is a quick update on the cowl I am currently knitting as a birthday present for my son’s partner. It will need to be finished soon so that I can get it posted away to Melbourne.

I actually printed out four patterns from Ravelry as I was struggling to decide what to do. In the finish I consulted my husband. He is usually not very keen on giving opinions but, in this instance, he was a big help. We got four patterns down to two, and then he ended up making the final choice.

It is simple and easy to knit, but has a good amount of pattern to keep it interesting. I am really pleased with how it looks and with how quickly it is knitting up. The wool I am using is the lovely purple hank I got from “The Wool Company” which I mentioned in “Whoops – There Was A Wool Store!” It is really nice and soft.

Hopefully it will be finished soon. I will make sure I take a photo before the birthday present is sent overseas.

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