Finished In Plenty Of Time

Finished In Plenty Of TimeIt’s finished! I’m happy to report that the cowl has been finished in plenty of time for me to post it overseas. I’ve just wrapped it and packaged it up with a card so that it can be sent tomorrow.

Finished In Plenty Of Time
Cowl unfolded

This has been quite a relaxing and straight forward pattern to knit. The only “whoopsie” was when I discovered I had done one of the rows of holes the wrong way and ended up dropping down and reknitting each pattern group of that row (which was two below) as I did the next hole row. It was a bit fiddly but no big drama, and definitely preferable to pulling two rows undone.

Finished In Plenty Of Time
Pattern detail

One bonus of this project has been that it used just under half of the 200g hank. This means I have a very useable amount left. It is nice wool to knit with so I may even try knitting up one of the other cowl patterns from the original decision making process.

The next project has already been cast on. I am knitting a navy version of the green jacket I made for my granddaughter. It will be for her younger brother who was very keen on hers, and has a birthday coming up at the end of the month. I will hopefully have a progress report on that soon.

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