Almost Done!

Almost Done!I thought I’d better give you a quick update on the navy jacket I’m pushing to finish for my grandson for his birthday. I had hoped to get it finished last weekend, but I lost a couple of evenings to meetings last week so that didn’t happen.

The main knitting is almost done, which will leave the bands and joining together to finish off. This is a pattern which knits up quickly and easily, and I am pleased with how this second one is turning out as well. (See the green version I made earlier this year, shown in “A Little Bit Of Progress”.) I hope to be able to post it away on Saturday, or Monday at the latest.

Almost Done!I have already purchased some toggles to fasten the jacket. I went for light coloured ones to contrast with the dark navy. I am planning to give the finished garment a good soak and thorough rinse before sending it away as I found my hands had a definite blue tinge after a prolonged session knitting the back. Hopefully that will get rid of any excess colour and make it safer for my daughter to wash later.

Apart from the time pressure of the birthday looming, I now have the added pressure of needing to get some baby knitting done. My niece had another baby last week, a few weeks early, so I need to get some little pink knitting done as soon as possible. There will be more on that to follow later.

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