On Its Way! (Finally Finished)

finally finishedI finally finished the navy jacket (see โ€œAlmost Done!โ€) and got it posted off today. It should have been sent by Monday (yesterday) so I sent it courier post to make sure it gets there in time. I would hate it to be late for my grandsonโ€™s birthday.

This pattern seems to be good at catching me out. It is quick and easy to knit up the main bit, but it felt like forever trying to get the finishing off done. It was only when I was getting really frustrated with myself for taking so long that I remembered that I think I found the same thing with the first one I made. I think it is because it looks like it is nearly finished once you have done all the main bits, but then there are the bands and all the loops and the pockets to do. Anyway, the main thing is that it is done!

My next project is already on the needles. I have decided on a little jacket and bonnet, and possibly some bootees, to knit up in pink 4 ply baby wool. This needs to be done as quickly as possible seeing as I have been a bit delayed in starting by the jacket situation. I will post some update photos soon.

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