In The Pink Again

baby clothesIt’s been a while but I’m knitting pink baby clothes again. My niece’s new daughter is over two weeks old already, having been born over three weeks early, but I’m hoping to get a few things knitted quickly enough that she won’t out grow them too soon.

baby clothesI’ve chosen a set from a book I’ve mentioned before. It’s the Neonatal Trust “Knitting for prems” book (see “From Christmas To Birthdays And Other Things”). Last time I knitted a little grey cardigan. This time I’ve gone for what they call a going home set. I am hoping to get the whole set done if I have enough wool and time, but if I run short of either I will just go with the little jacket. The wool I’m using is Shepherd Baby Wool Merino in 4 ply.

I am happy to report that my grandson’s present (see “On Its Way!”) arrived in time for his birthday, which was today, and he seemed to be very pleased with it when we saw him open it via Skype. Unfortunately I didn’t get time to give it a soak before I sent it away, but I have warned my daughter about potential excess colour so that she can take appropriate precautions.

These little pink garments are not going to knit themselves so I had best be off to get that done. I will report on progress soon.

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