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Moving Forward

Moving Forward
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It may not be full steam ahead, but I am moving forward. In January 2018 I published the post “Changes Afoot”. I wrote this after changing to WordPress as my hosting provider.

The change was actually made in December 2017, so it is not too far off two years ago. When I changed over I could only afford the basic plan to keep my website going. Last month I was finally able to upgrade to a plan which allows me access to a number of plugins I have been missing. I am really excited, not to mention quite nervous, about making progress.

I am already moving forward with upgrading the way my site is running. You will probably notice a few wee differences but I am hoping to avoid any major glitches. If you happen to notice something which does not look quite right you please let me know so that I can check it out.

Obviously this upgrade has been quite time consuming. As a result my knitting has been a bit neglected. I am making progress with the baby set, but I really need to push to get it finished. Babies grow so fast and I would like her to be able to get some reasonable use out of it.

Hopefully I will be able to post photos of the finished garments soon. I already have my next project lined up and my own cardigan is definitely on the back burner.

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