Finished Just In Time!

just in timeI’ve finished the little pink baby set, and I literally finished just in time. It turned out that my sister was down for the weekend and I asked her if she could take the set back with her. I finished putting on the last button five minutes before she arrived to pick it up! Fortunately I was able to get a very quick photo as she was arriving.

I am really pleased with how the set turned out. It was enjoyable to knit, and I even managed to find really cute buttons in my collection that were just perfect for it. One thing I did have a problem with though was the pattern. I really like this book, and I love that it is supporting such a good cause (The Neonatal Trust), but I did find a number of mistakes as I was knitting.

The picture of the jacket appears to have three buttons set in buttonholes. However, the instructions talked about doing the bands straight up and adding four button loops afterwards. I decided to put four buttonholes in the band and was pleased that I had.

The instructions for the pattern rows on the little hat were also a bit confusing. I ended up adding a couple of stitches and having three stitches in moss stitch at each end. This seemed to work well and I just compensated for the extra stitches in the decreasing for the crown.

The biggest problem was with the bootees. I love the single rib band around the ankle, done on smaller needles, as a way to keep them from falling off. I will definitely use this again. My problem came earlier when I went to shape the instep. It took me several times reading through to work out that they had omitted the second half of the first shaping row. Once I had that sorted it was smooth sailing (or knitting!) to the end.

Anyway, as I said at the beginning, I finished just in time and the set has been delivered. Now I need to sort out my next project.

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