So – There Was A Wool Sale …

wool saleLast month (August) was the tenth anniversary of a knitting event called “KAN”, or Knit August Nights. SKEINZ had a wool sale, as they usually do, to help celebrate. It was very tempting but I managed to hold off until the very last week of it. They had some lovely yarns and some very good prices.

wool saleI actually knew what I was going to buy from the time the first email arrived to advertise the wool sale. One of the first things they reduced was an Aran weight yarn (10 ply) called Lodge. The range includes a shade called Hokitika, a lovely dark grey with a slight tweed effect. I have had my eye on it for a while because my elder son lives in Hokitika. (See “South Island Trip (part one)”.) My son has a birthday coming up next month so it was the perfect opportunity to buy some of this yarn to make something for him.

I tried to be very good and restrict myself to just buying a 10 pack of this lovely wool. However, it seems a couple of other items might have “accidentally” fallen into my online shopping cart when I ordered it. (Oops!) So many of you have been posting photos of lovely skeins of sock yarn, and the amazing socks and shawls you have knitted with them. I’m afraid temptation got the better of me and I succumbed.

wool saleI have not really knitted socks until recently, and the ones I have done have been for other people. These have mainly been children’s socks. The two lovely skeins which accompanied my son’s wool are destined to become socks for me. All I need to do now is decide on some patterns so I can start experimenting.

The first thing I need to do, though, is sort out something for my son.

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  1. You got some lovely yarn there! How neat that the yarn you liked is named for the place your son lives! You do a lot of knitting for others – good for you knitting some lovely socks for yourself 🙂

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