Hokitika Hat Has Been Finished – Twice!

finished twiceI’ve made a start on my son’s birthday present and the Hokitika hat has been finished – twice! In fact, it was actually started twice and finished twice.

So, let me explain. I had a hat pattern sorted out for the Aran wool I mentioned in “So – There Was A Wool Sale”. After starting to knit it I made the mistake of looking on Ravelry again. Inevitably I found another pattern that I decided would look better. I didn’t pull the first one undone until I had started the second one and decided that I really did like it better. This was how I ended up starting twice. (The first one did get pulled undone.)

The shaping of the crown on this hat requires a bit of concentration, so I stayed up a bit late on Thursday night to get it finished. I had decided to try to shift the pattern band down the hat by a few rows. However, once the hat was finished I decided the whole thing was too long. This resulted in me pulling it back below the last six rows of the pattern band on Friday. I took out the last cable at the top, and four rows of the double rib, then finished it off again.

finished twice
Version two
finished twice
Version one

You can see the difference in the two photos. I am pleased I took the time to make the changes as I think it looks a lot better now. It will fit better too. By the way, the photo at the top shows the colour more accurately than these two photos.

I am now under way with a pair of fingerless mitts to go with the hat. Of course I can’t do things the easy way, so I am using a plain pattern and incorporating the cable pattern from the hat into the mitts. Hopefully there will be an update on them soon.

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  1. Beautiful hat, I checked my patterns in my computer and I have that one!! I will definitely give that one a go. I will remember your tweaks so I don’t have to knit it twice ending up with just one hat :P.

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