Hokitika Set Is Finished

Set Is FinishedMy Hokitika set is finished! Actually, I finished it on Saturday but have only got around to taking photos this afternoon (Monday). I am really pleased with how it has all turned out, but the mittens followed the same construction path as the hat.

Set Is FinishedThe pattern I used for the fingerless mittens was a plain stocking stitch one. It was for double knit so I decided to only increase the number of stitches that the pattern panel required and not put in extra stitches. This turned out to be a mistake and resulted in pull-back number one.

After knitting this first one up again with four more stitches in the front (patterned) side, I raced through the second one. I did look at it several times on the first few rows after the thumb, but I kept on going. It was only when I was within a couple of rows of the final ribbing that I managed to work out why it didn’t look quite right.

I had followed the instructions for setting up the thumb increases very carefully for the second mitten. Unfortunately, it turned out that when I reknitted the first one I had made a mistake. I had missed out four rows before starting the thumb shaping. Oh bother! (That’s the polite version.)

After looking long and hard at both of them I decided the first one, the one with the mistake, actually worked better. This resulted in pull-back number two. I undid the second mitten to where the shaping started on the first one and reknitted it to match.

I’m sure life would be a lot simpler if I followed patterns without making changes, but where’s the fun in that! The main thing is that they are all finished now and I can post them off to my son this week.

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