Night Shelter Knitting

Night ShelterMy night shelter knitting is nearly done. I actually took a photo nearly two weeks ago to do this post but life has been a bit overwhelming lately. In the previous photo the mitts were not finished, so this will probably give you a better idea anyway.

I have been knitting to contribute to an initiative run by Charity Yarn Stash NZ. They have a private Facebook page for New Zealand only members. Recently the local coordinator advertised that they were collecting donations for the Wellington Night Shelter. They have asked for 50 scarves, 50 hats, and 50 pairs of gloves that can be given as Christmas presents.

As you can see in the photo, I have managed a scarf and two pairs of fingerless mitts. I still have time to do another pair of mitts as they need to be in by December 1st. I think this is a great initiative and it ties in with what I would love to have more time to do. (See “Handcrafting To Support Charities” and “Homeless Knitting”.) Unfortunately I haven’t really followed through very well on my original intentions, so this is a good way to get back on track.

I have also managed to get another singlet finished for the neonatal unit, and am halfway through a little cardigan. (See “Good Intentions”.)These need to be in by November 15th, so I need to get a move on. I will do a separate post when I have finished the cardigan.

In amongst all this knitting I also ended up getting sick and being off work for a few days. I still seem to get really tired at times but am getting better. Our senior students finished for the year on November 1st and are now sitting NCEA exams. This means all our timetables have changed so, as I said before, life has been a bit overwhelming. Hopefully things will settle a bit soon.

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