Neonatal Knitting Delivered

Neonatal Knitting DeliveredMy neonatal knitting was delivered this week. I took the two singlets and a little grey cardigan around on Wednesday night. I hadn’t quite finished the little aqua coloured cardigan, so I delivered that on Thursday night. One task ticked off my list!

I was very happy to get these garments finished on time, but it was a bit of a rush at the end. This rush lead to a rather epic fail on my part. I forgot to take photos! In fact I didn’t just forget to take photos once, I managed to forget twice.

Neonatal Knitting Delivered Neonatal Knitting DeliveredOn Wednesday night, I realised as I pulled up at the lady’s house that I had forgotten to take a photo of the things I was delivering. I was annoyed with myself but I had individual photos of a singlet and the grey cardigan so wasn’t too worried.

The aqua cardigan was finished in time for me to gently steam press it and let it dry thoroughly before I put it in a small zip lock bag. I had made a mental note to myself the evening before that I must remember to take a photo once it was pressed. Obviously that mental note went missing somewhere and I remembered again as I pulled up to leave the bag in the lady’s letterbox. (You can see the colour in the photo at the top.)

The next things I need to finish off are the last pair of gloves for the night shelter and an Octopal that has been sitting nearly finished for some time. It is only the second one I have managed to make from the yarn I bought. (See “Another Trio Swam Away.”) Looking back I see that I started the first one in March. I really will have to make an effort to get some more done.

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