My First Dishcloth

My First DishclothI have finished my first dishcloth. It was supposed to just be a trial run, but it has turned out really well. I used one of the patterns I found on Ravelry, a crochet one called “Spread the Dishcloth Joy”.

The pattern is simple and quick to complete. It has a slightly rough texture which I think should make it very effective. I am looking forward to repeating it using some of the coloured cotton I bought on Thursday night. That might have to wait until I have done a “test drive” of one of the knitted dishcloth patterns first. I would like to make a variety of them.

My First DishclothToday has actually been very successful. I have also managed to finish off the Octopal which I mentioned in “The Last Pair”. It is the second one I have completed (finally!) using the Sesia Bio Bimbo which I purchased from Knitworld at the beginning of the year. I will post them off this week.

This 4 ply cotton is very soft, and would be lovely to make a garment with, but is quite frustrating when used for making Octopals. You need to make the fabric very tight for Octopals, with absolutely no gaps, and this yarn tends to split easily under these conditions. This lead to quite a few pull backs to fix split stitches. I still have enough yarn to make another five or six Octopals so I will persevere with it, but will buy different yarn next time.

Another thing I have to catch up with soon is some book reviews. I wrote about a couple of cross stitch books recently and the next one will be a crochet one. Hopefully I can get that done in the next few days.

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