Hooked On Quilted Crochet

Hooked On Quilted Crochet - 6 Colorful Patterns for Crochet Lovers
I am definitely hooked on this book! Hooked On Quilted Crochet had caught my eye a few months ago. When I got the opportunity to get a copy to review I jumped at it. I would have to say that it has lived up to my expectations.

As the name very cleverly suggests, this book combines crochet with quilting patterns. There are some really great projects. The pillow and lap rug put a slightly different twist on the traditional cube quilting pattern, and there is an intriguing star cushion too. I really like the Christmas tree skirt, and the baby afghan is just gorgeous. Check out the photos on the Leisure Arts website.

I am looking forward to trying out several techniques I have not come across before, like the way the sides are joined in the skirt motifs. All the projects are rated “Easy” so they should be suitable for most people to try. The book has clear instructions, including step by step diagrams in some patterns. There is also a comprehensive “General Instructions” section at the back, followed by “Yarn Information”.

My biggest problem with this book is going to be deciding which project to try first. I think I will probably end up doing a few samples first to help me choose. What excites me most is the possibility of trying some quilting-like work without actually starting to quilt. I have been quite fascinated by quilting for some time, but have resisted getting into it because I already have more crafting interests than time available. This way I can be a vicarious quilter.

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